We source and offer good quality British and Continental ceramics.

Pictured is an antique Prattware comport or tazza.

The oval bowl featuring an acorn border with a fine print of Landseer’s “Highland Music”. The bowl is 11 inches x 9 inches, and the handles make the overall width 13 inches. It stands at 3 inches high.

F & R Pratt of Fenton, the company responsible for making pot lids wasn’t established until about 1818 and pot lid manufacture at its earliest is c1850 and later. Earthenware manufacturer at the Fenton Potteries, High St, Fenton (to c.1920) and then at other factories in the Staffordshire Potteries. The business of Felix Edward Pratt (1813-1894) and Richard Pratt was founded in the early 19th century and the company was to become an important manufacturer of domestic earthenware and polychrome transfer printed pot lids. The company was acquired by H. T. Robinson, probably in 1916, and from 1920 it was a subsidiary of Robinson’s Cauldon Potteries Ltd operating from that company’s Cauldon Place Works.

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